Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well its that favorite time of year! The smell of the leaves turning, the cooler temps, and the smell of VINTAGE! 
Didn't know vintage had a smell? Well, it does; its the smell of old dust!

Well, I can tell ya, the older I get the more and more I love Vintage. I almost don't care what it is. I just can't help my self. 

Well up for auction this week, are Vintage shirts and shirt transfers. They are awesome! I mean awesome! Did I say awesome, well I meant AWESOME!

This is a one in life time, deal hear. I have thousands of shirts and transfers just waiting for little junkie vintage lover, just like YOU!

Check them out! To purchase one just click on the image! Don't do ebay? Well, contact me, and we'll talk pedtastic@gmail.com

Also, I have about 120 items currently for sale right now, so chances are you'll want something else I have. So take a looksey at it all...




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