Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is coming...

Well, its almost time for spring and its time to start getting the appropriate clothes, and I have just the  brand name capri's and t-shirts with will turn those winter frowns upside down. With names like Aeropostale, Agaci Too, French Atmosphere, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Forever 21, and One Tuff Babe, your sure to find your spring and summer apparel! I have some shirts too that are perfect for the upcoming holidays like St. Patty's Day,  and Mardi Gras. These Expensive Brand Names are available to you for LOW, LOW, LOW prices. So don't delay get these babies while they're HOT! 
Or before it gets hot. Don't be afraid to buy as much as you want as I always combine shipping!
Click on the images below to be directed to the auction. Also I have many other items of clothing for sale so be sure to check them out too, click here to go to my ebay store.

One Tuff Babe Girls Capri's Size 14    

Aeropostale Juniors Capri Size 0

Juniors- Girls XS Aeropostale T-Shirt

Agaci Too (Small) Juniors-Girls T-Shirt

Aeropostale (baby Fit--small) Juniors-Girls T-shirt

French Atmosphere Juniors--Small T-shirt

Agaci Too (Juniors-Small)T-shirt Great St. Patricks Day shirt

Guess Boys T-Shirt -Large 16-18

Ralph Lauren Polo Boys Small T-Shirt

Gently Used Forever Love 21 Dress -Large (Spring Break, Mardi Gras, St. Patty's)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Victoria's Secret shhh... panties, yay!

No perversion here, just good ole fashioned deals. I have overbought on my last Victoria Secret shopping spree, and now it is to your benefit. Come on who doesn't like VS's stuff? But if your like me you just don't enjoy going into the store and picking through the different ones.

I find it kinda embarrassing, especially when I am holding up a pair and see a man who I assume is buying for his wife or girl friend starring me. Well then the thought enters my mind, maybe he's not shopping at all, eeew!

I totally understand you women out there, who would rather shop at home. The great thing about buying from me is you'll be getting items no longer available through Victoria Secret and at a discount.

Guys, don't think I don't feel your pain. I know the embarrassment you feel while shopping for your woman. I know that can't be easy, but hey its makes her happy, and melts her heart :)

I have more available, same styles but more sizes, message me on ebay if you are interested in another size. Even if these items have ended I may still have some, so don't hesitate to contact me.

So don't delay, buy these while they last. Remember, best part is, I combine shipping, so shop till ya drop!

Click on the image to be directed to the auction!

NEW Victorias Secret Sz Small WILD PINK logo w/ hot pink cheetah print underwear

NEW Victorias Secret small "Sexy Starlet" Tank Top" w/ V-String Panties (medium)

Victorias Secret New KISS ME-Pink w/ black polka dots,& lace Size Small

New Victorias Secret Pink with Lace on topand Rhinstones on front, Size Small

Victorias Secret New Victoria Secret logo w/ hearts V-String Panties, Sz Medium

Victorias Secret New light pink &gray cheetah pattern, w/lace on top Size Medium

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disney Movies

Didn't you just love watching the classic Disney movies as a kid? Well here is your chance to own a library of 19 Disney VHS movies - some old and some more modern that you can share with your children, grandchildren and the all the favorite children in your life very inexpensively.
 This collection also makes a perfect library for grandparents to have so the kids have something to watch when they spend extended time visiting; as well if you are Disney enthusiast you know they only release and sell movies for a short time and then pull them from distribution for 10 years into their vaults, so here is your chance to share some titles with your loved ones from my collection that may not be available on DVD currently. The VHS's have been all played recently and playback great! A super gift and a perfect treat!

 Plesase message me with any questions on ebay. Click the image to be directed to the auction.

Lot of 19 Disney VHS Tapes

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Cinderella
3. Dumbo
4. Alice in Wonderland
5. Robin Hood
6. The Little Mermaid
7. The Love Bug
8. The Absent Minded Professor
9. The Rescuers
10. Snow White
11. Peter Pan
12. Oliver & Company
13. Aladdin
14. Mary Poppins
15. Sleeping Beauty
16. Hercules
17, Lady and the Tramp
18. Bambi
19. The Aristocrats

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jansport Backpacks

Just because its not September doesn't mean we can't all benefit from a new backpack. Ok, well may not ALL of us, but a lot of us. Maybe your current backpack needs to be retired a little earlier, or maybe you just want one for other purposes. Whatever the case, I am now offering Jansport backpacks. Jansport can be expensive in stores, but they offer a LIFETIME guarantee. For a limited time only, you can get one much cheaper. Click on the images below to be directed to the auction. I have other styles available, just message me on my blog site or ebay.

Jansport Zebra Print Backpack S-Curve Straps New w/Tags TDN77TN Retails for $55

 Jansport Zebra & Cheetah with 15" Laptop Sleeve New w/Tags TYG67TY Retails for$55

Jansport Girls Backpack, Superbreak Animal Frenzy New w/ Tags T5017YZ
Retails for $40


Friday, February 17, 2012

Football Apparel

Who says its too late for football sports wear? In our family its an all year event . Ok well, unless were going to a baseball game. This is the perfect time to get your clearanced apparel . Up for auction I currently have 2 football clothing items for sale . Click on the image to be directed to the auction .

Brand New w/ Tags Fleece Longhorn's Girls Jacket w/ hood size 10-12

Brand New with Tags Dallas Cowboys Boys Long Sleeve Shirt Size 14-16


Hi there, Welcome to Fantastically Pedtastic by the eBay lady.
This of course is my very first blog post on this site! My purpose is to direct costumers to my ebay store by writing about my items  I have for sale, here on this blog.
An ebay seller's items can get lost in the sea of auctions. So from the advise of a very wise eBay Seller: Tristian OBrien of The Ebay Entrepreneur, I am now going to blog about items for sell on here.

A little about me, because everyone wants to know about the author right?
Well, I am in my Mid-Thirties and a Nurse. I love being creative, decorating, boating, shopping and Margarita's. I take that back, I LOVE Margarita's.
I have been selling on ebay for about 4 years now. It was mainly just here in there in the beginning. But in May of 2010, I got serious. I had a lot of debt, and had no money to for my vacation that I had planned for months. So, what could I do, charge it? That would have been the easiest way, but I was desperately trying to pay off my debt, and starting to make real progress. I just couldn't see charging more, in fact, I had cut up my credit cards, all but one, which I said would be for only extreme emergencies.

So, there I was broke and depressed that I would have to cancel my vacation. The one vacation, that I work so hard for every year, only now I couldn't go. Well, just when I had decided it was my fate to just stay home, a friend told me about how she sold things on ebay to pay for her vacation. I was like no way, what did you sell? Well, she told me her secrets, and I've been selling ever since. And now my best friend sells with me. Together we always have quite the collection of goodies.

Now sometimes my items for sale may seem odd to one person, but I know what sells. And sometimes I just try new things. So, if its a good honest person whom you'd like to buy from, well then I am your gal. If you have any questions or  you are looking for something in particular just message me, chances are we have it, or know how to get our hands on it.

I also provide services such as custom invitations, announcements, flyers, Save the Dates and more. I can also make customized logo's for your blog or website, I made the one you see on top. In additon to those services, I also do guest blogging, of course its for an affordable fee. Just message me if you are interested in any of those services.
Thank you for checking out my Blog!