Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well its that favorite time of year! The smell of the leaves turning, the cooler temps, and the smell of VINTAGE! 
Didn't know vintage had a smell? Well, it does; its the smell of old dust!

Well, I can tell ya, the older I get the more and more I love Vintage. I almost don't care what it is. I just can't help my self. 

Well up for auction this week, are Vintage shirts and shirt transfers. They are awesome! I mean awesome! Did I say awesome, well I meant AWESOME!

This is a one in life time, deal hear. I have thousands of shirts and transfers just waiting for little junkie vintage lover, just like YOU!

Check them out! To purchase one just click on the image! Don't do ebay? Well, contact me, and we'll talk pedtastic@gmail.com

Also, I have about 120 items currently for sale right now, so chances are you'll want something else I have. So take a looksey at it all...




Friday, September 7, 2012

Yo tell me What you WANT, What you Really Really WANT!

 If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,
Make it last forever friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is

Ahhh don't you just love the Spice Girls??? Haha, ok we don't all love them, I did like them a lot though, and still like some of their songs, but it mainly just takes me back to the 90's which I loved to death.

Well, if you are a collector or know of someone that is, then you're in luck today, because I am selling 7 that's right 7 Spice Girls Dolls. Well, actually they are 6" (inch) figurines.

Let's see here we've got Baby, got 3 of her actually, all with different outfits.
There's 2 of Scary, and 1 Sporty, and 1 Posh.

Only One day left to bid on these babies so don't delay!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Colorful Hawaiian Shirts

Click on the image to be directed to the auction

Click on the image to be directed to the auction


Luau at my house! Nah, it’s at my brother in law's place on the water in Florida…Luau, Fiesta it’s all the same to them down there!

As you know my brother in law the photographer has WAY too much of everything…including but not limited to Hawaiian shirts. So my sister and I convinced him to sell a couple so…. Yes we had to bribe him with his favorite red wine from Castronovo Vineyards but he gave in…

…and as you see we have two very colorful traditional Hawaiian shirts for auction! And these are the REAL deal MADE in Hawaii.

Both are men’s size large and are beautiful as well gently worn. One is a Cobalt Blue color that is stunning with large red and white flowers as well as green palm fronds and banana tree leaves that cover the shirt. The other shirt is an Orange Sunset color and motif including palm trees in black and Hawaiian outrigger canoes that cover the shirt. Just gorgeous.  The design is the same for the front and the back of the shirt.

The shirt features a pocket on the left side and is hemmed at the bottom so it can be worn neatly outside your pants. The shirt is machine washable. They are made of traditional Hawaiian polyester for perfect for steamy outdoor summer parties, but very high quality that feels and wears like silk.

Forget my brother in law, he’s always on a photo assignment anyway, how about YOU buy these shirts and make luau of your very own!

If you have questions, please message me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oohh So Sccaarrryyyy!

Hello my fellow eBay followers. Today I am featuring a piece for sale that's a bit odd. Yeah, hmm odd doesn't even describe it. Ok, very, very weird and Bizarre!

Its a luggage piece that I acquired a few weeks ago at an Antique Rummage sale. You know one of those outdoor massive garage/rummage sales, but this one was specifically for vintage and antiques.

I found this amazing luggage piece, and I was so exited to get it, repaint it and used it in my garage that I will soon be remodeling as a craft room. I thought it would be so decorative but could also hold something like my paint brushes or maybe spools of thread.

Well soon after bringing it home, some very strange things started happenening. Well you'll just have to read more here to find out the whole story. And hopefully if your interested in paranormal activity you'll purchase it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Well, I'm not exactly one of the newsboys that hawked newspapers in chanting out Extra, Extra,Read All About It! But I am here today to let you know about the Ga-jillions of magazines I have listed right now for sale. Ok, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, however I have A whole lotta em! A lot of them are from popular magazines such as Ok, Star, Glamour, Cosmo, Vogue, Maxim, GQ, Allure, ESPN and more, and most of them are issues dated back to last year.

So why would I go through so much trouble to get rid of magazines that are from last year. Well most of them are brand new for one, but also because I know that there are people out there that had wished they had a particlular issuse that they missed out on, lost or is damaged. I also know there are magazines collectors out there too, that would be dying to get their oily little prints on them :)

Its not secret too, that I am a fan of vintage. So naturally I am selling Vintage Magazines too. These are Computer Magazines dated all the way back as far as 1982 through 1988. I have Machine Design, Compute, Byte Computes Gazette, and Mechanical Engineering! Yay!

Click on images below to be directed to the auction. Don't worry keep scrolling down their all exiting magazines!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Create your own world in Sims!

The Sims 2: Celebration Stuff  (PC, 2007)
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TGIF baby! Wooo, so I exited and I just can't hide it. Sorry a little too much RockStar energy drink this morning. Moooving on, I have this Sims 2 and a a few others still left for sale currently on my ebay store. This one is an expansion pack, and you must have the original Sim2                                  (which I also have for sale) to play this.

If you have ever played Sims before, you know how much fun it can be. Its quite addiciting. I can't play them anymore as I will spend too much time playing them. The kids get a little jealous when I don't pay enough attention to them.

But, my loss your gain... a lot of the Sims I am selling are not available in stores anymore. You can not only find them at my ebay store, but you can also get them for much cheaper. Take this Sims 2 celebration for example, Its brand new, it retails for 19.99 while selling in stores; and most are selling it for that much on ebay, but  I am selling it brand new in package, never opened for a minimum bid of $9.99 and a buy it now price of 14.99.

Don't miss out on your chance to get most of the Sims 2 expansion packs and others for incredible prices!

Click on the images below for more Sims games auctions!

The Sims 2: Glamour Life Stuff  (PC, 2006) Compete with art, manuel and code

The Sims 2: Pets  (PC, 2006)

The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff (PC)*Complete, Excellent Condition

The Sims 2: Open for Business  (PC, 2006)

Sims Expansion Packs Unleashed, Vacation and hot date