Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Victoria's Secret shhh... panties, yay!

No perversion here, just good ole fashioned deals. I have overbought on my last Victoria Secret shopping spree, and now it is to your benefit. Come on who doesn't like VS's stuff? But if your like me you just don't enjoy going into the store and picking through the different ones.

I find it kinda embarrassing, especially when I am holding up a pair and see a man who I assume is buying for his wife or girl friend starring me. Well then the thought enters my mind, maybe he's not shopping at all, eeew!

I totally understand you women out there, who would rather shop at home. The great thing about buying from me is you'll be getting items no longer available through Victoria Secret and at a discount.

Guys, don't think I don't feel your pain. I know the embarrassment you feel while shopping for your woman. I know that can't be easy, but hey its makes her happy, and melts her heart :)

I have more available, same styles but more sizes, message me on ebay if you are interested in another size. Even if these items have ended I may still have some, so don't hesitate to contact me.

So don't delay, buy these while they last. Remember, best part is, I combine shipping, so shop till ya drop!

Click on the image to be directed to the auction!

NEW Victorias Secret Sz Small WILD PINK logo w/ hot pink cheetah print underwear

NEW Victorias Secret small "Sexy Starlet" Tank Top" w/ V-String Panties (medium)

Victorias Secret New KISS ME-Pink w/ black polka dots,& lace Size Small

New Victorias Secret Pink with Lace on topand Rhinstones on front, Size Small

Victorias Secret New Victoria Secret logo w/ hearts V-String Panties, Sz Medium

Victorias Secret New light pink &gray cheetah pattern, w/lace on top Size Medium


  1. thank you for stopping at my blog :)
    I love deals so following urs :)

  2. haha the pink panties are super cute!
    great blog :)

    1. Hey there, I still have a lot of them left. If you see a pair you want, let me know.