Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is coming...

Well, its almost time for spring and its time to start getting the appropriate clothes, and I have just the  brand name capri's and t-shirts with will turn those winter frowns upside down. With names like Aeropostale, Agaci Too, French Atmosphere, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Forever 21, and One Tuff Babe, your sure to find your spring and summer apparel! I have some shirts too that are perfect for the upcoming holidays like St. Patty's Day,  and Mardi Gras. These Expensive Brand Names are available to you for LOW, LOW, LOW prices. So don't delay get these babies while they're HOT! 
Or before it gets hot. Don't be afraid to buy as much as you want as I always combine shipping!
Click on the images below to be directed to the auction. Also I have many other items of clothing for sale so be sure to check them out too, click here to go to my ebay store.

One Tuff Babe Girls Capri's Size 14    

Aeropostale Juniors Capri Size 0

Juniors- Girls XS Aeropostale T-Shirt

Agaci Too (Small) Juniors-Girls T-Shirt

Aeropostale (baby Fit--small) Juniors-Girls T-shirt

French Atmosphere Juniors--Small T-shirt

Agaci Too (Juniors-Small)T-shirt Great St. Patricks Day shirt

Guess Boys T-Shirt -Large 16-18

Ralph Lauren Polo Boys Small T-Shirt

Gently Used Forever Love 21 Dress -Large (Spring Break, Mardi Gras, St. Patty's)


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  6. It hasn't gotten to spring quite yet where I live. It's still cold and a little snowy (we never get much snow around here