Saturday, March 24, 2012

William Fuld Ouija (Wee-jee) Board

A bit about the maker of the FAMOUS Ouija board

William Fuld Born was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 24, 1870.
His father was a Jewish German immigrant.
 His father arrived in the United States in 1854 His mother was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. In 1863, his parents were married in Reading, Pennsylvania.

While his father was Jewish, his mother was Presbyterian.
It is unsure whether William was raised in a Jewish or Christian home.

William landed his first job as a printer in 1887, and then in 1890 his new job trade led him to the Kennard Novelty Company. He developed a  fond friendship with a his co-worker Col. Washington Bowie, which began his association with the "Wonderful Talking Board". This novelty board soon became to be known as the Ouija Board.

In 1891, William married and had SEVEN Children, 5 boys and 2 girls.Through out all his wedding plans and baby making, William still managed to file for his own patent for the first talking board.
His patent was approved in 1892.

He continued to sell the Ouija Board for more than 74 years before finally selling it to Parker Brothers in 1966.

Here we are now in current day 2012, One Hundred and twenty years later. Well my board may not be 122 years old, as its was manufactured by Parker Brothers, but its definitely 40 years old. This was bought at an estate sale, and the daughter remembered getting this when she was a teenager in 1969.
It remained in her parents house, and was kept in very good condition. Then only mentionable flaws are that the cursor is missing two felt tips, and well the box has seen better days. Its for the most part in good condition considering its age, but the card board where it folds to hold in the contents has fallen apart. Otherwise this baby looks Great!

Be one of the few to own such an old piece of history. The owner thinks she may have even raised a few souls from the dead with it, if you believe in the sort of thing. I will remain completely quiet on this topic. I just love the history on this novelty item, whether it works or not, I'll will let you be the judge!

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